Green and Loving Family-Directed Home Funerals

"The Nature of Life includes the Eventual Miracle of Death, a rite of passage that deserves dignity and loving care."

Imagine. . .
creating your own home or family-run funeral. Final Passages is dedicated to a compassionate and dignified alternative to current funeral practices.

We are entirely supported by donations and sales of our educational materials and workshops. All contributions are tax deductible.

Watch or read a special report on CBS Evening News 2/28/06 about Final Passages called "Bay Area Families Turning to Home Funerals". Go to Click on Water Cooler. Click the "See All" button midway down the page on the right. Then click on Search. When the new screen comes up, type in "Do It Yourself Funerals." Then click on the icon that comes up that says "3/01/06."

Recommended Film: A Family Undertaking Now available from Netflix
“A Family Undertaking” explores the growing home-funeral movement by following several families in their most intimate moments as they reclaim the end of life, forgoing a typical mortuary funeral to care for their loved ones at home. On PBS Point of View (POV) See for schedules and information.

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